Erasmus 11: The Erasmus way


Proactivity is your best friend.


As an Erasmus student, you can’t afford to sit around or worse, stay at home and rest (unless the doctor explicitly said so).


Being an Erasmus student is a unique experience because it means that you chose to immerse yourself in a different culture and learn how to live the Erasmus way.


What is the Erasmus way you ask?


It means different things to different students, but fundamentally we can all agree that whatever it is to you it will be significantly different than what you are used to in your home country.


I am going to write about what it is to me and how I am living to my full Erasmus potential.


For me, its synonymous with travelling, meeting different people from around the world and trying new things every week. However, I haven’t been so lucky lately with the weather, so it has been harder than usual to convince both myself and others to get out of RESA and explore when all we want to do is curl up in bed and watch some Netflix. I appear to have brought with me our lovely English weather. So far, we had lots of rain, some snow which is not typical in Madrid according to locals and just as I am writing this, we went from heavy rain to a blast of wind then to bright sunshine which comes and goes every couple of seconds. At least it is not as cold as back home, so there is a silver lining after all.


I have learned a lot of things during my time here, how to be spontaneous and adapt to different circumstances are just some of the things I now live by as an Erasmus student. My favourite aspect of Erasmus is the fact that you are continually learning all sorts of things with people. There is also this “let’s do it” attitude that I found quite inspiring. It led me to explore and try out different activities, visit new places and experience a variety of things. All of which I am thankful for as it helped me with my personal development. I hadn’t given much thought to how much I have learned and experienced in these last couple of months before writing this, and the truth is I finally understand why people put so much emphasis in your year abroad. The adventures, the people, the events, the liberty to choose whatever module you would like to study and just the combination of all these things together is pure bliss in my opinion.


I am not saying its perfect. Like everyone else, I went through some very stressful moments particularly with the administrative side of Erasmus and then with family obligations. However, just like with everything in life, you learn how to cope and move on. That leads me to another critical factor; resilience. It is an indispensable quality to have. Erasmus is such a fantastic opportunity where you have so much going on that you can quickly become overwhelmed. I was lucky to find great friends that supported me and helped me deal with the “not-so-charming” side of being abroad, and I hope that I was able to reciprocate that support as well.





Living the Erasmus way means that you are taking advantage of the opportunities presented to you for you to grow and improve yourself.


Like always, thank you for taking the time to read my post and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.



Until next time,



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