Happy Holidays and Hello 2015

December, the month of festivities! Christmas meals, Christmas drinks, Christmas snacks, Christmas films, the list goes on… For me, December began in an incredibly stressful fashion. 8th December marked the deadline for a politics essay I had been slaving over for weeks. I find it really difficult to work at the best of times, so […]

Keep Calm and Carry On

I’m sure you’ve all guessed what this blog post is about. Today’s the day – A-Level Results Day 2014, for those of you who have just finished your A-Levels, this is the first day of the rest of your lives. I thought I’d take this opportunity to share my own experience as well as a few clearing […]

Exámenes y La Copa Mundial

Last week was a week of exams and watching World Cup matches. La Copa Mundial is a huge deal for the Spanish, especially as they are reigning champions of the tournament. I was supporting Spain too (it would be rude not to seeing as the country is taking good care of me!) and I was […]

Les Examens

The Christmas holidays seemed to go far too quickly this year, trying to fit in eating as much as possible, seeing friends and family at home, watching Christmas films and revising for my January exams! I’ve been back in Paris for just over a week after a wonderful 12 days at home and in that […]

The Moment of Truth

Results Day. A noun phrase that is enough to instil fear in even the most laid back student types and today was results day for the School of Modern Languages. This year, we found out our results over the internet which was less nerve-wracking than receiving them over the phone last year as it is […]

The Committee at the Ball

Exams, Eurovision and the ULMLS Summer Ball

Last week was potentially one of the busiest yet but for many good reasons. As I said in an earlier post, I had my Spanish speaking exam on Monday which I think went as-well as it could have done. It felt relaxed as I was talking to my teacher and went so quickly as it […]

Stressful Sunday

I’m currently writing this blog from a library computer where I’m surrounded by a heap of books that I’m using to finish off my referencing for my two essays. Tomorrow is a big day as I have to hand in my essays before 12pm and I have my Spanish speaking exam at 9.40am. I have […]

Elliott and I on Sirius' motorbike!

End of Exams Celebrations

On Thursday I had my last (and first actually, I was one of the lucky ones!) exam. I was pretty happy with how it went as 2 of the 3 questions I answered were topics I felt confident on so fingers crossed when we get our results in around 3 weeks, I will be pleased. […]

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