Life in the Shire- Cows, BBQs and Results

In my opinion, I live in the best Shire in England- Cheshire! Having not been at home since early February, I was very excited to spend time here after my Year Abroad as even though it’s very quiet around these parts, there is no place like home. In-fact, one of the things that I was […]

Outside Versailles


Last weekend, I went on a trip to Versailles to see its famous château. A great thing about the trip was that it was absolutely FREE to get there and to get in! As I have already said in my blogs, getting something for nothing in Paris is a rare and happy moment so I […]

My friends from home, a photo-bombing nun and I!

Turning Twenty

On Wednesday, it was my 20th birthday and the first time that I have ever spent a birthday away from home (as last year my birthday was during the Easter holidays so I was at home). However, I definitely enjoyed entering my third decade Leicester style! The day started with breakfast in bed (my favourite Sainsbury’s […]

Chocolate galore and some egg shaped candles!

Easter and Spring Wishes

Happy Easter, everybody! I hope you have all enjoyed the day with your families, I know I certainly have. My apologies for being quiet on the blog front for a couple of weeks, I have sadly been unwell but after a short spell in hospital, I am on the mend and I vow that April […]

DVD cover of the film

Must Watch: L’auberge Espagnole

For anyone who is thinking about going on a Year Abroad, is going on a Year Abroad or has been on a Year Abroad and wants to reminisce about the amazing time they had, there is one film for you: L’auberge Espagnole. The Modern Languages Society hosted an informal screening of the film at our University […]

University of Leicester Harlem Shake

The blog title and link below speak for themselves! This was performed today outside our library and I’m sad to say I wasn’t one of the dancers as I had a class. But my fellow UoL students certainly know how to keep up with the latest internet memes in style. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtN34Zh7aMI&feature=youtu.be

Elliott and I on Sirius' motorbike!

End of Exams Celebrations

On Thursday I had my last (and first actually, I was one of the lucky ones!) exam. I was pretty happy with how it went as 2 of the 3 questions I answered were topics I felt confident on so fingers crossed when we get our results in around 3 weeks, I will be pleased. […]

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