Short Breaks

For sanity. Or, at least, that’s what I tell myself. Mostly, this short mini-break was to recover from my longer not-mini-break of last month. I just wanted to get out of the busy city and commune with nature.

The Lake District in north-west England is, for those who have never been, beautiful. It is a cross between my vague childhood memories of British Columbia and my very clear memories of central Ontario. It looks like half a dozen places I’ve been too and yet nothing like anything else. But what there is is lots of lakes, rivers, hills and trees. And it is clear and clean and relaxing like nothing else. It’s also a great place to hike, though I went for significantly shorter trips this time around. 1000ft and 3 hours versus 3000ft and 6 hours. Big difference on the legs!

The Lake District is all quaint villages and small towns and lots of touristy things. But since it’s September now, very few kids were about.  A fair few university students having a final break (mostly from universities in the north of England or south of Scotland) and many, many Brits out for a hike. The hostel was quiet, the bed was comfortable, the food was amazing, and I feel tired in a good way


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Amy has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hello! I've just begun my third year of a full-time PhD here at Leicester in the Museum Studies department, though I'm originally from Canada. I graduated a few years ago from Leicester with my MA and couldn't wait to return for a doctorate. I am heavily involved in Social Media and manage the SM profile for the Museum Studies PhD Community. Of course, I enjoy weekend trips to museums, when I'm not doing work! I will be blogging about all the wonderful aspects of being a postgraduate student here at Leicester, fond memories of being a Masters student, and hopefully other things of some interest. I promise there won't be too much about museums!

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