It’s the first day back for us PhD students and many of the university’s BAs, but it’s the first day for our MAs and a small group of PhDs! So, welcome to all, returning and new.

It’s a little strange to think of this being the first day of term. I say that because, for me, last term never really ended. Everything has just rolled in together and become continuous. I did start here exactly twelve months ago, and it seems both a long time ago and a very short time all at once. Such mixed feelings at this time of the year! I haven’t been a ‘returning’ student since 2006!

The dull, overcast nature of the day isn’t particularly inspiring, but it’s light and warm in the PhD office, and busy with students and visiting scholars. The school feels less empty now. For a bit that will be a nice feeling, and then I will get annoyed by how loud it is all the time! The MAs are just getting registered now and soon they start their proper teaching sessions. I am geering up for a presentation to them in an hour or so. Talking to about 80 MA students is not my idea of a good time! And then I have to rush downstairs to talk to the PhDs. I guess I will get over my continuing fear of public speaking this year!

October is rather the month I’ve been dreading, because there are so many things to do and prepare for. I also have to contend with a sudden personal issue that was unexpected and I hadn’t had the time to deal with it factored in! Very busy indeed. But that is life and living it and these things happen. It is about how you manage it and all about not letting the stress get to you.

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Amy has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hello! I've just begun my third year of a full-time PhD here at Leicester in the Museum Studies department, though I'm originally from Canada. I graduated a few years ago from Leicester with my MA and couldn't wait to return for a doctorate. I am heavily involved in Social Media and manage the SM profile for the Museum Studies PhD Community. Of course, I enjoy weekend trips to museums, when I'm not doing work! I will be blogging about all the wonderful aspects of being a postgraduate student here at Leicester, fond memories of being a Masters student, and hopefully other things of some interest. I promise there won't be too much about museums!

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