Unexpected Trips are Unexpected

Life throws you curve balls. Or fowlers, depending on your point of view. Whenever you are most stressed something will happen to make you even more stressed. Bad timing just happens, but it’s most annoying when it does!

I managed to get through the first week of the term on little sleep and a lot of caffeine. I don’t recommend that combination to anyone! But it went well and the new students are settled in and things, in that department, see to be going well. Otherwise, my research is going very slowly, as some people I really need to speak with see to be avoiding answering my messages. Most frustrating! And not at all surprising. Looks like I will spend November trying to track them (corner them) down. All part of research in a museum, unfortunately, but I wish people would be a bit more forthcoming, no matter how busy they are, when the research benefits them!

The cold, grey weather is not inspiring, as most of you have probably realised. Looks like Autumn in the Midlands! I hope winter isn’t like this or it’s going to be very depressing very quickly. I’m back to Canada in 7 weeks, but that is just as likely to be overcast and cold as it is here! At least it’s not actually raining out. I can be grateful for small mercies.

I am just beginning the second year of my PhD, which means field work! The fun part. Also the very stress ‘OMG What if it goes wrong?’ part. :s I hope not! But sitting at the beginning right now and looking ahead at what I need to do in the next 12 months is very stressful and very worrying. It can all go wrong from here on out. I know everyone feels this way. I’m also equally as excited to be getting out into museums and starting to work with children and adults in the gallery space. I’ve been looking forward to that for more than a few months. It beats reading many many books.

Today was my first day on the museum floor, though it was just a preliminary observation day at a museum I won’t be actually doing research in until January. But the staff was so wonderful and came over to talk to me about my research and not a single parent walked up to complain that I was staring at their child! All good. It will be a wonderfully upbeat and lively place to do work and so many children running around. I’m looking forward to that. My pilot study at the local New Walk Museum will be much quieter, I think. It’s going to be a struggle just to get the ten families I need for the study in the week that I’m there. But that’s all part of why researchers do pilot studies.

More about that after I start mine!

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