Interdisciplinary Cross-cultural Research Methodologies

Or something to that effect. It’s a lot of words put together that don’t really mean much of anything. So let me try to make it simple.

As a PhD student, I spend a lot of my time thinking about research methodologies. These are the methods one uses to acquire data and information in a research project. I am required to either find a methodology someone else has used and justify why I’m using it, or create my own. The second would seem easier, but since almost every method has been tried before, finding a new one is actually really hard! I spent a great deal of time reading about methods for research.

Interdisciplinary is rather easy. My department is interdisciplinary because it crosses multiple disciplines. We have people from a wide range of backgrounds, all of whom now work and research in the cultural sector, but all of whom bring their backgrounds with them. Science people research in science museums, etc. I work in both technology, education and museum design, so that’s three disciplines right there!

As for cross-cultural, that one should be fairly obvious on it’s own as well. And again, it represents my department too, as we are the most multi-cultural department at the university, but not in a combined cultures way. Rather, that which we study crosses multiple cultures around the world while staying in the museum field. It’s very interesting to see how JapanĀ  and runs their museums, versus the US and the UK, or how methodologies and evaluation are done in Italy that we don’t use in Canada.

Combine all of those together and perhaps you see in inkling of my problem. Because I have to look everywhere to see what others have done in order to find the method that best works for my project. Which means a lot of reading. Which is also why I’m very infrequent with blog updates!

A NOTE: If you have comment, validly, on this blog but your comment has not appeared, then I apologise. This blog is run by the University of Leicester team and so I do not have administrative control for comment screening. As such, I am received dozens of spam comments a day and I do not have the time to sort through them to see if there are valid comments amongst the lot. I have emailed the people in charge but have failed to hear back. So, for the foreseeable future, there won’t be any comments approved, I’m afraid.

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