I will admit it, however much I don’t want to, that I am a shop-a-holic. This is rather problematic when, instead of having a well-paying full-time job, I am in debt with student loans and barely make enough at my casual jobs to pay for food. I also have no willpower whatsoever.

But I also find that buying things makes me happier. And I don’t mean stupid pointless things. I spend money on things I need (winter clothes, nice toilettries, etc.), but I especially love spending money on other people. Which means I love the Yuletide season when I get to shop for others! Naturally, I spend more than I should at this time of the year, but it always makes me feel good to know I’ve put some thought into a gift and that people will like it come Christmas morning when they open their gifts. Occasionally it’s frustrating, specifically my Father who is almost impossible to shop for. Usually he ends up buying his own gifts and I wrap them and then stick whoever’s name in the ‘From’ part of the tag. It works better for everyone.

I find that as Christmas gets closer, my willpower gets worse. So not only do I shop more, I tend to say yes to other things that cost money, like concert tickets (this Saturday), dinner out (oh, loosing count of the number of times now), chocolate (don’t even get me started) and doing favours for people (definitely don’t get me started). Naturally this all adds up to it being Wednesday, me being tired from a weekend of doing people favours, my brain being rather iffy because of saying yes today to something I shouldn’t have, and feeling sick from the amount of chocolate I’ve eaten.

I bring this up because the PhD student who sits behind me in the office is due to hand in her thesis in a week. Naturally, she’s a bit stressed. But she has also decided that for this month in it’s entirety, she will not worry about her lack of willpower. She will buy what she wants, eat what she wants and do what she wants. Which I think is grand, and I wish I had a good excuse as her for my lack of willpower! I think being cold all the time is not helping my mental state.

NOTE: Still having a problem with spam mail and no one at the marketing office is answering my emails, so comments are still going to be deleted without being read. Sorry for that!

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