Yes, it’s a word. It means to procrastinate by means of baking All The Things. Preferably stuff that is sugar free and vegan, at least in my department. However, I also find that baking makes me more productive and I usually get a fair amount of work done before and after on baking day. As today proved.

Which is good, because it’s the first proper work day I’ve had since before Easter. It’s always hard to work around the holidays because you know so many other people aren’t (Christmas is a problem too) and your brain tends to shut down. Also, the continuing bad weather last weekend had me very depressed. It’s only been the sun this week that has helped me to feel better, but it’s still fairly cold outside, so not Spring yet! Here’s hoping it gets here soon, like before I leave for Spain (where I would also like Spring to arrive). However, it is pleasant enough outside to dry the sheets I washed, and I call that a marginal win. And baking at least warmed the still chilly kitchen up for a couple of hours.

I find ‘procrastination’ to be a weird thing. Because I don’t usually procrastinate in the strict sense of the word. That is the putting off of work or other duties. If I’m not going to work I wake up with no plans to work. If I plan to work, I make a list of things to do the night before and then I do them. I guess it could be said that I procrastinate in short boughts. The ‘well, I’ll have lunch now and work on that afterwards.’ If there’s a deadline coming up though, then I do the work. I never leave things until the last minute.

Also, it could be said that procrastination is something built into a PhD. It happens to everyone. It’s expected. No one works 40 hours every week on their PhD (in fact, I’m not sure anyone EVER works 40 hours a week on their PhD). It’s expected. It’s why we all have time to have part-time jobs as well, not to mention other duties around abouts, and yet still finish in 3 years. Or close to 3 years. 😉

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