Signing Off

Not sure how many of you might actually be reading this, or how often even, but thought I’d let those who are know. I’m signing off this blog, unfortunately. Being a final year PhD student is a lot of work, just on it’s own, and I’ve got more than just a PhD to do. And three other blogs to manage. There’s plenty of other students’ blogs to follow, however, and hopefully other PhD ones soon too.

If you are interested in a PhD in Museum Studies at the University of Leicester, we have our own blog already, The Attic, on Blogger. Come see!

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About Amy

Amy has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hello! I've just begun my third year of a full-time PhD here at Leicester in the Museum Studies department, though I'm originally from Canada. I graduated a few years ago from Leicester with my MA and couldn't wait to return for a doctorate. I am heavily involved in Social Media and manage the SM profile for the Museum Studies PhD Community. Of course, I enjoy weekend trips to museums, when I'm not doing work! I will be blogging about all the wonderful aspects of being a postgraduate student here at Leicester, fond memories of being a Masters student, and hopefully other things of some interest. I promise there won't be too much about museums!

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