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In this post I am drifting away from my PhD thesis to a more personal subject. It is about clothing, suits to be more precise.
It is connected to my thesis a bit though – I will do my presentation on 25 June in this great new suit, which I bought today.

Clothing was never my favourite topic. When I was about 8-10 years old, my parents had to use drastic measures to get me into a suit. When I graduated from grammar school, the topic of suits reared its ugly head again. Then it went back to to sleep for a number of years. And then came my wedding in 2006. By that time I was an adult (more or less) with a serious outlook on life (who am I kidding?). Anyhow, I understood the need for a sharp suit. So we bought one which looked quite nice.

But a few years ago I realised, dessing sharp can be quite empowering. And that is when I started to long for an Ermenegildo Zegna suit. This 100-year-old Italian company, which supplies fabric to top European fashion houses (Armani, Hugo Boss) is also offering its own line of suits, ties, shirts etc. About four years ago I was fortunate enough to try one on and that is when I decided to buy one for myself one day.

And today this day came. I know this is not a usual topic on an academic forum, but hopefully you don’t mind. We were in Austria, near the Hungarian border where a huge outlet center is located, including an Ermenegildo Zegna outlet store. I am now a very proud owner of this suit and I think this is a turning point in my life – someone, who once wore red shorts on his graduation night now appreciated and loves fashion.

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