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So I passed my probation review and then got permission to spend the Summer without thinking about my phD. Easier said, than done – ideas were floating in my head, but as July and August were really hectic, I did not have time to sit down and work.

At the beginning of September I had a supervision. In the middle of the supervision, I had a vision. For a split second everything became very clear and focused. I knew where my thesis is heading and how I will get there. Naturally this feeling disappeared very quickly, but I keep the memory of this cherished. I have never felt anything like this previously. Maybe, just maybe, I can bring this feeling back in a couple months’ time 🙂 Right now, I am doing the necessary preparations for my first field study.

And let me report you on my other endeavours. A private learning group for my son has been started on 1 September. 10 kids aged from 5 to 9 get together every day and learn in an easy, relaxed, fun environment. Most of the kids arrived straightly from kindergarten, so it takes a while for them to adjust. But it seems they will get along fine. My wife is helping the main teacher and she speaks only English to the kids. That’s a great way to learn languages!
Elsewhere I am doing research for a new book and do my usual daily job. And on Saturday my next teaching assignment will commenced at the Óbuda University, where I’ll be teaching Hungarian and international motoring history.

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I am a 40-year-old automotive industry analyst and motoring historian. I have written a few books, dozens of articles and I am maintaining two websites at the moment. I have been a lecturer at a Hungarian university for three years now - my topic is international and Hungarian motoring history. Now my next challenge is in front of you - a PhD on motoring museums. Let the journey begin.

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