Ermenegildo Zegna

In this post I am drifting away from my PhD thesis to a more personal subject. It is about clothing, suits to be more precise. It is connected to my thesis a bit though – I will do my presentation on 25 June in this great new suit, which I bought today. Clothing was never […]

Normality is Restored

I wish I could just press a button and return to normal that easily. But then, that would rather defeat the purpose. Holidays are wonderful things; small breaks from reality where you can relax and de-stress. I was not on holiday, despite what many of my friends seem to think. I can honestly say the […]

Fundraising and hiking and Spain, for a few things

This doesn’t have to do with my PhD. Not really, anyways. It does in the sense that, having been at this for 16 months so far I need a break soon. Not a working holiday or a putting up with my family holiday. An actual, completely disconnected from everything, holiday. I’ve been planning this one […]

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