Postgraduate Study

Looking back on the MA

It’s strange being ‘back’ at the same university. It’s the first time I’ve returned to a degree at a school I’ve previously graduated from. It makes for interesting moments now and then. And this October has been the strangest yet for me and I’m not sure why. I would have thought that first October, being […]


So, apparently I need to update this blog more often. Of course, that would imagine something interesting happens more than once a month in my academic life, which, as a PhD student, it doesn’t. But it’s the start of term now and we have a boatload (literally) of MAs who have just started and also […]

Excitement Grows

We have (at present) 7 full-time PhD students starting this October. Which is wonderful news. Last year the numbers were very down and that made it difficult to organise some of the things we were hoping to. With that many new students, helping hands will not be lacking! Of course, out of seven, we might […]


I have no idea what has happened to the last 4 months. I feel like just yesterday I was getting ready to leave for the Camino, and now I’ve been back for two and a half months. Scary! I miss it terribly, at all times of the day. And in some ways I even miss […]

Life Dilemmas

When you start a PhD, objectively you know it’s something you do mostly on your own. You don’t have classes to attend, you may be off in another country doing field work, you are not required to show your face in your department except about once a month…it’s an individual journey at it’s core. It […]

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