Postgraduate Study

Adventure Awaits

18 days to go, which pretty much means I am through to the ‘can I just go already?’ stage of anxiety. The problem with being so organised is that I tend to me too organised and thus I am packed and planned and ready to go. Unfortunately, the plane doesn’t leave until the 30th. Or […]


Yes, it’s a word. It means to procrastinate by means of baking All The Things. Preferably stuff that is sugar free and vegan, at least in my department. However, I also find that baking makes me more productive and I usually get a fair amount of work done before and after on baking day. As […]

Tempus Fugit

My, has it been three weeks already? Where does the time go? [Please, please, don’t answer that.] I can’t believe I’ve not used that post title before. It seems so obvious! February has felt very long, and yet I can’t believe it’s almost over at the same time. It’s been busy, but not overly so. […]


I’m rather certain I’ve used that subject word before, but not this year. PhD students are aces at procrastinating. If anyone ever tells you a Humanities PhD is a full-time job, what they mean to say is that we spend about 40% of our time doing work on our thesis and 60% procrastinating by doing […]


It is January and the first day back to term. Well, for everyone else, since most of my PhD department was back at work on the 2nd. No rest for the wickedly insane academics. Today is also the first snow fall of the winter. Well, such as that is in England. It means that, unlike […]

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