Life Dilemmas

When you start a PhD, objectively you know it’s something you do mostly on your own. You don’t have classes to attend, you may be off in another country doing field work, you are not required to show your face in your department except about once a month…it’s an individual journey at it’s core. It […]

March Already? How does that keep happening?

I have no idea where the months go, I really don’t. I keep waking up to find it’s a new month. However, since this one is March I am quite happy. Winter is blessedly over and as I’m not freezing to death all the time now, I am feeling much better about this whole PhD […]


I’m rather certain I’ve used that subject word before, but not this year. PhD students are aces at procrastinating. If anyone ever tells you a Humanities PhD is a full-time job, what they mean to say is that we spend about 40% of our time doing work on our thesis and 60% procrastinating by doing […]

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