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My first ever museum exhibition – on the way to probation

On 3 June my first ever museum exhibition was opened. It features the history of motor car trade in Hungary and it is on until 27 September at the Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism. This Museum has just been elected the 2014 Hungarian Museum of the Year. The translation of the title is: from […]

Signing Off

Not sure how many of you might actually be reading this, or how often even, but thought I’d let those who are know. I’m signing off this blog, unfortunately. Being a final year PhD student is a lot of work, just on it’s own, and I’ve got more than just a PhD to do. And […]

Home for the Holidays

I’m finding it a bit difficult to not speak/write without somehow referencing a Christmas song or movie. It has been years since I’ve been able to enjoy the holidays without having assignments/essays/work/etc. to ruin it. Usually by this time I’m so tired of Christmas related music I scream when someone turns the radio on. Not […]


I will admit it, however much I don’t want to, that I am a shop-a-holic. This is rather problematic when, instead of having a well-paying full-time job, I am in debt with student loans and barely make enough at my casual jobs to pay for food. I also have no willpower whatsoever. But I also […]

Interdisciplinary Cross-cultural Research Methodologies

Or something to that effect. It’s a lot of words put together that don’t really mean much of anything. So let me try to make it simple. As a PhD student, I spend a lot of my time thinking about research methodologies. These are the methods one uses to acquire data and information in a […]

Unexpected Trips are Unexpected

Life throws you curve balls. Or fowlers, depending on your point of view. Whenever you are most stressed something will happen to make you even more stressed. Bad timing just happens, but it’s most annoying when it does! I managed to get through the first week of the term on little sleep and a lot […]


It’s the first day back for us PhD students and many of the university’s BAs, but it’s the first day forĀ our MAs and a small group of PhDs! So, welcome to all, returning and new. It’s a little strange to think of this being the first day of term. I say that because, for me, […]

Short Breaks

For sanity. Or, at least, that’s what I tell myself. Mostly, this short mini-break was to recover from my longer not-mini-break of last month. I just wanted to get out of the busy city and commune with nature. The Lake District in north-west England is, for those who have never been, beautiful. It is a […]

Ethics for Researchers

Summer is a strange time to be a PhD student. The undergrads are on holiday. The MA students are busily writing dissertations (or already finished and on holiday) and the PhD students are…pretending it’s not summer. In other words, you get extremely uninteresting posts regarding the work I’m currently engaged in. Today is ethics. The […]

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