London Olympics

One of the great things about living in Leicester is that central London is an hour and a half away. I missed the Olympics in Vancouver in 2010. Well, I didn’t really miss them, since I sat in front of the TV every day watching them, but I was 3000 miles away even though I […]


The whole plan to get back to work? Yeah, I didn’t take summer into account. But since various senior students in my department keep telling me to Stop Trying So Hard and Enjoy the Weather, I have mostly been listening. It’s amazing what sun does for one’s social life. Most of the last week has […]

Back into the Thick of It

Well, I had a nice month ‘off’. Not really off, as I still had a whole list of things to do, but I wasn’t working on my thesis. So ‘off’ works. Now, I’ve got another paper to write on research methodologies in museology pertaining to curatorial practice and data collection. Yes, it’s exactly as uninteresting […]

International Community

Moving house is exhausting, but that’s not what this post is about. One of the things I like most about Leicester, after being so close to London and having a great university, is the many cultures that inhabit this city. And we get along. It’s great to be surrounded by people from so many different […]

Student Rep

The Word document I was sent when I became Student Rep, which lists the roles and responsibilities, is nine pages long. To be fair, it’s in 14 point font, but still. This post can harken back to the earlier one I wrote ‘The Things They Don’t Tell You’, except this time, consider that title in […]

Research Week

Research Week is something specific to the Museum Studies department here at Leicester, as far as I can parce. Everyone I have talked to in another department has no idea what I’m talking about. Everyone does the APG Upgrade, but here in MS, we make it into a week-long Thing. Now, that’s not a bad […]

The APG Upgrade

It’s a process. That much is accurate. It’s a very long and complicated process and it involves a great deal of work. But the APG upgrade is also a validation for a PhD student; it is someone other than your supervisor telling you that you are doing all right. APG stands for Advanced Postgraduate. It […]

To Holiday (When One Shouldn’t)

By which, of course, I mean holidaying when your supervisor might consider it bad timing. But that is usually when you need the break more than any other time! Last week I went to Belfast. I planned the trip months ago as a bit of a break between finishing the last of the literature reviews I […]

Conferencing – Part II

I do recall (without stopping to go back and look) that I promised a ‘post-conference’ blog entry. I suppose now is as good a time as any. I will first begin by saying that I am blessedly thankful that I was not involved in the planning. I don’t think I could have born the stress […]

To Read or Not to Read

[Forgive the abuse of Shakespeare. And forgive also that’s it’s been nearly a month! Things, as they inevitably do, got busy.] There are some days that it is impossible to do work.  You will go to bed with the best intentions and, usually, wake up with them still intact.  Then, sometime between leaving your bed […]

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