Second year placements

Hey! I am now half way through my second year of the ODP course, which means that I only have six months remaining until I qualify (scary times).

I thought i’d talk about the difference between first year and second year on the ODP course. I have found that second year placements are generally a lot tougher than first year placement areas. There is a lot more expected of you once you are in second year, which can result in you feeling quite a lot of pressure whilst on placement to do everything right all of the time. I think I sometimes forget that I am still a student and it is ok to make mistakes still!

My second year placement areas so far have been; vascular, obstetrics, emergencies, trauma orthopaedics and paediatrics. In general, these placement areas are a lot tougher than my first year placement areas which were all in elective theatres. I have had to learn to adapt to the nature of non scheduled cases, which has been quite a challenge. I feel like I have developed my skills as a student ODP massively since October, although it has been quite a jump from first year. However, I have enjoyed these placement areas and i am happy about how far I have progressed.

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Hey! My name is Lizzie and I’m a second year student studying Operating Department Practice (ODP). As well as blogging about subjects relating to this course, I hope to also give you an insight into what student life is like at the University of Leicester. Due to the nature of my course, I expect a fair amount of my blog will be about attending the different placements at the University of Leicester Hospitals.

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