7 responses to “Fasting and placement”

  1. Zonaira

    Hi, I love reading your posts about your journey to become an ODP. I’m actually starting the course in September and was wondering how often you attended university in the first year.

    Thank you and good luck!!

    1. Aliyah

      Oh wow congrats on getting onto the course. In yr1 we attended uni for 12 weeks so it s quite placement heavy. I hope to see you around at uni
      Good luck

  2. panda

    I found this blog very interesting, Thank you for your continued contributions to the ODP experience.

    1. Aliyah

      Thanks Amanda!

  3. Nyarie

    Well done Aliyah.
    At least you know you can adapt as an ODP whether you are fasting or not :)!!
    Ps. Blackforest gateu is the answer to everything 🙂

    Keep up the fab blog x

    1. Aliyah

      Thanks Nyarie. I’ll try my best ?

  4. Ralph Ender

    It is so good to fast when doing a sacred task.

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