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Applying for jobs

Hey guys, So today I thought I’d talk about applying for jobs on the ODP course. As I now only have 5 months left on the course (scary) we are all starting to apply for jobs so that we have one when we qualify in October. A job advert went out earlier on this week […]

Second year placements

Hey! I am now half way through my second year of the ODP course, which means that I only have six months remaining until I qualify (scary times). I thought i’d talk about the difference between first year and second year on the ODP course. I have found that second year placements are generally a […]

University Of Leicester ODP Open Day

University Of Leicester ODP Open Day

Hello, A few weeks ago the University Of Leicester held an open day for the ODP course. It took place in the brand new practical room that all of the student ODP’s have access to in the Medical Sciences building. The practical room has a life size dummy that we can practice different anaesthetic techniques […]

9 months to go!!

I was at home this evening and decided to check and look over my rota for this year. I was surprised to see that I actually only have 5 placements/9 months left to go to before I qualify as an ODP. This is an exciting and scary thought, as I will soon be running an […]

Hospital placements

Part of being a student ODP is going to all different types of theatre placements over the duration of the course. I am based at the University Of Leicester hospitals so I get to go to a good range of different specialities of placements across all three of the hospitals in Leicester; the Leicester General […]

We all get ill sometimes

Hey guys! Firstly I want to apologise for not posting for over a month, I was struck by the awful flu virus that has been going around at the start of December and have only just started feeling myself again in the last week. Due to having this virus, I had to take nearly two […]

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