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  1. Exams, Stargazing Live and Engineering Cells – The University of Leicester

    […] Last week was also the university’s Stargazing Live event, which was a great success despite the poor weather! This year I was on the flying teabag stall, where our role was essentially to set teabags on fire and interrogate the audience as to why they shot into the air. We would then run wild with examples of convection cells in everything from stars and the generation of the Earth’s magnetic field to what keeps the UK’s climate warmer than it should be and how clouds are formed. It was a lot of fun, especially when young children would shout ‘Epic!’ while gasping in true front-cover-of-a-brochure style. Across the university there were talks on cosmology and life on other worlds, meteorite icecream and vortex simulations, Mars rover models and even making your own comet (which you can read more about on Lilian’s blog!). […]

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