Center of England, literally.

Hope you guys are doing well! I just finished my End of Term exams so I had a bit of free time on my hands so I did some research about the location of the university and Leicester in general and I was pleasantly surprised. The centroid of England is calculated to be at Lindley Hall Farm, Leicestershire which is less than 15 miles away from the University of Leicester. This entails that whether you want a quick train home or you want to get to London or Birmingham for work experience of something or a day out, you can get there not only cheaply, but quickly which is important because you’re a student! You’re short on both time, and money!

I looked up some train times and it takes 68 minutes to get from Leicester to Central London, 50 minutes to get to Birmingham and about 58 minutes to get to Sheffield.

Practically speaking this is excellent for someone doing Physics because most of the work placements that us Physicists end up doing, tend to be in London. Surprisingly, 40% of Physics graduates end up going into the Finance Sector, so having the Finance Capital of Europe a little over an hour away is as good as it gets without having to pay like crazy like those who live in London have to!

I was speaking to a school friend who is in second year at university in Leeds. He was telling me about how he has to move to London for the summer to do an internship at one of the Big Four Accounting firms. It takes over two and a half hours to get from Leeds to London, so it is just not practical to commute, and living in London doesn’t come cheap either. A month’s rent in Central London can knock you back by over £800 a month.

Now if I had to do the same internship, I’d just get a season train ticket and just stay in my house at Leicester over the summer holidays or Easter. The convenient location of the train station from the university means you can be at the train station in less than ten minutes to catch your train to the centre of the world. Practically speaking, it does not get better than this, so keep that in mind when applying to university! Take care and I’ll be sure to write again soon!

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