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Hi everyone, hope everyone is good. It’s getting chilly here at Leicester and the rest of the UK too, isn’t it?  Good thing I live a stone’s throw away from my lectures so it’s not too bad!

I recently experienced something that I was told about a couple of months ago but last week I finally exercised it, the department’s open door policy! I had a physics question, for those interested, I was unsure about the Reynold’s number and its application. I asked a fellow student who causally said just go and see a professor and I thought that it would be hard, but he just he just go around the offices and if you see someone’s door open just go in, say hi and ask whatever it is you want to ask.

Well I went around in disbelief but sure enough, Dr Gurman (a senior lecturer at the department)’s door was open with him sitting at his desk marking papers. I thought he might ask me to come back later or email but he was very helpful and now I fully understand the concept. It really is a great help to be able to do that, something I wasn’t able to do that in my sixth form. In sixth form, we were meant to email in advance or ask questions during specific ‘surgery’ times.

The motive behind the Department of Physics having the open door policy is to break down barriers between students and staff and allow the free flow of ideas and concepts and not let the enthusiasm for the topic at hand die down between tedious emails and waiting for ‘next week’ or ‘later’. And I have to say it is working, next time I have a question, I’ll have an answer there and then, isn’t that great?

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