4 responses to “Being an Introvert at University”

  1. Physics Lab Equipment

    yes, university is main part of our life, where we learn each and everything. we build confidence to face people, senior, super senior. but those guys took it as practical, they enjoyed and learn a lot.

  2. Caroline

    Great post and very relatable! I feel like Uni has definitely helped my confidence too 🙂 I do worry though about finding a job with an organisation that values introverts as much as extroverts, since most assessments and interviews seem geared towards people-people and those that can talk for eternity!

  3. Hâf

    I am exactly the same! I like my own company, having to socialise everyday is exhausting. People think that university is a place to learn, but there’s so much more to it. University has really helped my confidence. I’d probably say my confidence levels have improved more than my knowledge of my field!

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