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Last week I started a paid internship in teaching physics at my old college, Loreto in Manchester. There are about 15 of us on the scheme with Teach Manchester, all of us interested in teaching either physics or maths. The main aim of the scheme is to get more physics and maths graduates into teaching because there’s such a shortage of teachers in these subjects.


Last week the group had a series of talks on different aspects of teaching and different approaches. We learnt some starters and plenaries to use in lessons, about using Kagan structures in class and had some ‘mindset’ training amongst lots of other things. We were constantly thinking of ways to make physics and maths easier to learn and test using whiteboards, games and group work. It was a lot of information to take in but most of the rest of the week was spent doing lesson observations and helping out students with their work, which was a nice easy introduction to teaching. Throughout the week we were preparing in groups of two or three to deliver 10-20 minutes of teaching to some of the classes we’d observed. On the Friday that we did our pieces of teaching we got some feedback from the teachers and were able to improve for the next session we delivered.


The week was a lot of fun. For my first time attempting to teach I think it went quite well and I left Loreto College full of ideas of what I’d put in my lesson plans if I was a teacher. For the remainder of the internship we have been split up into groups and sent to different high schools. I’ll be spending the next 3 weeks at St Peter’s high school seeing what it would be like to teach in a high school and finding out what challenges I would be facing. I’ve only just finished my first day so I can’t say much about it yet, but we already learnt a bit about what this particular school is like and we did some one to one teaching with some students struggling in maths this afternoon (it was a bit stressful trying to remember how to calculate exterior and interior angles after 4 years). Next week we’ll be delivering a ‘maths roadshow’ of some logic puzzles which we selected and improved on last week to some year 8 students, so hopefully that goes to plan. I’m excited for the rest of the internship and I’ll be posting again when I’ve finished it.


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