2 responses to “What is Quantum Mechanics Like?”

  1. How to Revise – University of Leicester Student Blogs

    […] as I discussed in my blog about Quantum Mechanics you need to spend time making sure you understand the the topic you are revising by slowly going […]

  2. Semester One 3rd Year Physics – University of Leicester Student Blogs

    […] Quantum Mechanics: I was a little intimidated by QM because students in the year above all said it was really hard. For this reason I did a lot of preparation before I started third year by reading through the recommended text book (Quantum Mechanics by Alistair I. M. Rae). I am pretty happy with this module and think I have a pretty good understanding of it. For anyone doing this module, I’d recommend spending extra time just understanding the content since it can get pretty weird. I covered this in more detail here. […]

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