My Favourite Educational YouTube Channels

Thought I would just share some of my favourite educational Youtube channels and some examples of the sort of thing they create. So in no particular order:


Sixty Symbols

These are both channels are run by Brady Haran, where he interviews mathematicians and physicists, exploring all corners of their subjects. He’s great at asking the questions you are wondering whilst watching the videos. He owns other channels such as Periodic Videos, DeepSkyVideos and Computerphile which have a similar format. He is also co-host of the Hello Internet Podcast (or should I say vice-host –  if you’re a Tim you’ll get this joke) along with CGP Grey, which is one of my favourite podcasts.


Very informative and very well researched Kurzgesagt creates videos on a whole range of topic, and always with their irresistible deadpan humour.

Simon Clark

I started watching this channel because of my interest in doing a physics PhD. He was vlogging he’s whole PhD and it really gave me an insight to what it is actually like. He has now finished he’s PhD and has more time to make educational videos like the one above. He is also co-host of another one of my favourite podcast: The Wikicast.


Michael Stevens, the host of Vsauce, answers both questions you have wondered about your whole life and questions you would never think to ask. Kevin Lieber and Jake Roper are the presenters of channels Vsauce2 and Vsauce3 respectively, and present similar educational videos presented in their own unique styles.

Other channels you should check out: Steve Mould, Veritasium, CGP Grey, Tom Scott, Physics Girl, 3Blue1Brown, standupmaths and minutephysics.


“Learning never exhausts the mind.”

-Leonardo Da Vinci.

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