This is where I will be graduating this July - De Montfort Hall. It is very grand and a lovely place to visit.

Graduation and looking back…

Results are in and I am proud to be graduating from Leicester with a 1st in MPhys Physics. To my great surprise I have also won a Departmental Prize (these are prizes awarded by the department every year for doing particularly well at something, for some examples see page 24 of the 4th Year Information Guide). […]

A composite image of Mercury taken by NASA's MESSENGER mission. The only other spacecraft to visit Mercury so far was NASA's Mariner 10.

The missions of your future: Gaia, BepiColombo, Solar Orbiter and JWST

This Saturday saw me running a cook-a-comet workshop at the university open day. During the workshop I recommended keeping an eye on the missions planned for the next few years, since it is the data from these missions you may be analysing a few years down the line. I thought I’d list a few on […]

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