A photo of a meteor during the 2009 Leonid Meteor Shower I saw of Wikipedia. I think my meteor may be a little more fiery...

How to make the day a minute longer

Hey everyone! The beginning of fourth year has felt like being told to perform a one-handed cartwheel completely off the bat – a little disorientating and incredibly difficult! We split into groups on the first week back and were asked to produce a paper to submit to the Journal of Special Topics a week later!  Not […]

A composite image of Mercury taken by NASA's MESSENGER mission. The only other spacecraft to visit Mercury so far was NASA's Mariner 10.

The missions of your future: Gaia, BepiColombo, Solar Orbiter and JWST

This Saturday saw me running a cook-a-comet workshop at the university open day. During the workshop I recommended keeping an eye on the missions planned for the next few years, since it is the data from these missions you may be analysing a few years down the line. I thought I’d list a few on […]

50th blog!

Elementary particles, quantum field theory and the Higgs boson – it’s my 50th blog!

Hi everyone, It’s my 50th blog so it’s only fitting I devote it all to an aspect of Physics I find particularly engrossing – elementary particles and quantum field theory. Maybe it’ll get you freshers geared up for the first year of your undergraduate degree! I am currently attempting to get to grips with my fourth […]

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