Fresherz Frenzy

‘Freshers’ is a week that’s designed to help first year students adjust to life at university. In this week of fun and excitement, often before your studies, you’ll be expected to become a socialite through a series of planned events. To many of you this will be your first taste of independence, so here are a few pointers before you embark on your academic quest.


Throughout your time at Uni you’ll meet some remarkable people from all walks of life. Begin networking by liaising with flatmates and then branch outwards. The lesson I learnt was not to be shy and always remain approachable. We all begin timid, but as time progresses, be more confident and come out of your shell.


Students are notorious for being broke 75% of the year. So when you receive your student loan, avoid the hidden costs of partying by purchasing a freshers wristband. This allows you access into all the weeks pre-planned events and is a good way to save money.



During the ‘Freshers Fair’ you’ll have an opportunity to join societies and acquire many freebies. This is a good way to meet people who share similar tastes as you. They vary from academic groups, such as the Politics and International Relations society (POLAIR), to more sports based groups like the Leicester Panthers. All in all the more you join, the more valuable skills you’ll gain from becoming a better team player.

Our very own Sports Secretary Otis Long representing POLAIR.


Once you’ve unpacked and settled into your new surroundings, take a stroll to get a feel for the local area. Seeing as you’ll be living here for a while, try to get your bearings and locate your nearest food retailer.

P.s. I advise you try out Maryland chicken just once for their distinct pigeon range.


It’s a myth that you have to get completely trashed to be liked or to enjoy yourself. Never forget why you came to university in the first place. Pace yourself and don’t become susceptible to pressure from your peers, I’ve seen too many lightweights not make it out of the house, let alone get to the club.

Ultimately use this period to establish your roots for the years to come. Make sure to have fun and express yourself, be it through dance or by joining a society. Be bold in your actions but remain humble; there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Enjoy your first year but remember, after the fun and games, the real work begins.

Welcome to Leicester.

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  1. Kaka

    I find your blog very helpful, but there are a few things I want to know about and I would be pleased if you could answer them for me. I am starting next year January and I want to know if there would be freshers’ week or it would just be straight to classes and all.

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