2 responses to “Hypocrisy and Venezuela”

  1. Dave Hill

    Pretty ridiculous situation. A failing Marxist revolution applying tired old failed economic policies long ago abandoned by nearly everyone (except Castro). These are producing the ruin of an economy awash in oil and petrodollars, beset by oil leeches, and rapidly losing economic control. A revolution that cannot survive without the $$$ and products coming from its hated ideological enemy and hypocritically never having the backbone to say no and live up to its credo (too busy buying vacation homes in Miami). When all else fails, the communist plan is always butchery and blame-shifting, directed by the real Chavista leader in Havana. Hey, it always worked for him. And as always, the communist millionaires of Hollywood coo their approval and awe for the blessed revolution from their luxurious palaces in Hollywood, calling the young, dead victims of the Tupamaro militias “sore losers.” Meanwhile, the fearless socialist Obama threatens Uganda with dire consequences over gay marriage and plays golf in California.

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