Seeing it coming and pushing through

In one of my previous posts I wrote that I had enough time to spare to up a MOOC on teaching in addition to regular postgrad coursework. Well, the tide turns quickly, and now I’m in for quite a ride – and can see more on the horizon.

The MOOC is not the only thing that diverts attention away from my regular course. One of my principal jobs is running for the money. That means advertise classes, schedule sessions with new students, and re-schedule with regular ones. Often (too often) I lose classes, though. In that case I have made the effort in vain, yet it also means that I have more time for my study activities. Neither option – having income but no time to study, or vice versa – is really joyful, but what are you going to do? My other job is job-hunting. That sounds at first quite easy-going. And yes, it might be. Nevertheless, part of the job hunting game is an individualized CV, so every human resources (disgraceful term btw) executive receives a unique one to and put on their wall. Individualizing CV’s involves drafting, editing, and tweaking cover letters. This exercise sucks up one hour easily, and worst of all, it’s not even paying out. But again, what are you going to do? I just don’t have ambitions to stay poor!

Next in line is a bigger project: moving places. And not only moving places, but moving places with my girlfriend. We’re moving together into an apartment in Santiago Centro; not big one, but a fine one. So at the moment I’m busy to get my stuff out of my current place, put it into our new one, cobble some furniture together, and what else is to be done while moving places. I reckon this mission will take around two weeks. That’ll be just in time to get deeper into the research necessary for my end of course essay. The readings and analyses I will do on the side…somehow.

Fortunately, through distance learning I learned how to prioritize stuff and work it through accordingly. This is why I am today less daunted. The secret is, although you sometimes see it coming, to take a deep breath and just push through. Who wants a life on the couch anyway?

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Chris has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hi there. I’m native German and live in Santiago de Chile. I’m en route to an MA International Relations and World Order via distance learning. My hobbies are languages and – surprise – International Relations. I will blog about everything here and there, as well as the uphill battles distance learners fight.

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