My Project at Dissertation Module Stage 2

About a week ago Stage 2 of my dissertation writing commenced. This second of four mandatory modules specifically designed to guide students with regard to dissertation writing is called ‘The Dissertation Strikes Back” – a bit nerdy, but, well, I like Star Wars.

This module is primarily concerned with methodology and ethics. Most importantly, when it finishes in about five weeks the dissertation proposal has to be submitted. Three E-tivities (online activities), such a commenting on a sample proposal, are valuable tools to eventually produce my own draft.

The thing is that I don’t quite feel prepared for submission yet. This has to do with the walls I ran in when I began to gather some ideas on the one hand; on the other with my limited resources especially time. Once regular modules start there’s basically no time for other research. Therefore, I had to put my project on hold for the last couple months.

Fortunately some of this confusion is beginning to dissolve as I engage further with the subject, and, in fact, broadened it. In another post I commented that I want to research the role Chile played in the Falklands War. Yet, as it turned out, there might not (perhaps as of yet) be enough literature on the subject. Also, I am not a friend of the rather simplistic stories that are told about the Falklands War, as of any other. War and conflict are never just about some states. They are a result of the international relations of states. The role Peru played in the war is still very obscure. The reasons Chile supported the UK against its former ally Argentina deserves also much more attention than it got rather recently. Along these lines I hope to contribute to a re-interpretation of one significant part of British history and British – Latin American relations. I just don’t buy the common narratives of one proud nation standing up to an evil foreign invader, or, from the other side, a colonized people taking back what the power has taken from them. There’s much more to the Falklands War – and International Relations theory for that matter – than that!

Accordingly, the project I propose will now be called ‘The international relations of the Falklands/Malvinas War. Focus Chile’. It has to be submitted in about four weeks and contain some 1000 words, excluding bibliography. The deeper I am able to dig, the more intriguing it gets, especially once one is reads original reports compiled for the Argentinian military, writings on the historical context of Inter-American relations, and gathers the consequences the war produced.

I think I really am onto something – of which I hopefully can convince the examiners too!

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