Lizard Owning SnapChat Guy

‘You know that guy that I added on snapchat, thinking he was that one guy I knew but turned out he’s this other guy – yeah? Well he keeps sending me pictures of his pet lizard.’ – EC


I thought I’d start off the New Year (and my first blog post on here) with something a bit different from the generic ‘Happy new year!’ or ‘Why are we punished with January exams and revision over Christmas?’The inspiration came to me while house-mate A – (ED) – is trying to finish her engineering assignment whilst house-mates B-through-F – (EC, AF, AA, EHW and myself) – are sat in her bedroom, the third smallest room in the house – listening to ‘Baseline Junkie – Dizzee Rascal) – and chatting amongst ourselves.


Having done nothing of any productive nature for the last 7 hours I began my first attempt at the blog draft. Looking at a blank word document for 20 minutes – having been continually drawn back into the riveting conversation – whilst attempting to brainstorm and failing, is a strangely depressing set of circumstances. Never once in my life have I ever been in a situation where I am unsure of what to talk about. Finally inspiration struck when a comment from EC draws me out of my daydream-like haze: ‘You know that guy that I added on snapchat, thinking he was that one guy I knew but turned out he’s this other guy – yeah? Well he keeps sending me pictures of his pet lizard’.


A classic quote you may hear around OSV – (oadby student village = fresher accommodation) – once could argue. Or not. Although over the last 3 months or so I have caught the end of some odd conversational topics whilst at the bus stop. All fairness to my fellow 2014/15 freshers this was at the awful time of 07.55 waiting to get the 80-bus to get to a 09.00 lecture and I wasn’t really capable of making conversation at that point in time, so good on them for attempting. Heads up – if you have a 09.00 lecture, you have to leave at least an hour to get to uni campus as opposed to the normal 20mins; the exact cause of why it is so busy at 09.00 compared to say 11.00 or 14.00 has not yet been pinpointed. Theories range from lecturers conspiring against all students by arranging as many 09.00 lectures as possible to torture students, to the possibility that there is some sort of napping-pod zone somewhere on the university that students go which allows them to absorb knowledge whilst they sleep leaving them with more free time outside lectures. Another theory includes – but is not limited to – a student’s empty fridge and the various breakfast producing outlets on campus.


You may smirk at the latter theory, laugh a little even. You will not once you return to Leicester after the Christmas holidays – having left:

  • Fully stocked cupboards,
  • A fridge that is crammed to the brim with delicious, edible leftovers
  • Food that is not 50p from ASDA,
  • A servant (also known as a younger brother) who you can command to cook and clean for you
  • Finally an adorable puppy whom worships the ground you walk on and adores you no matter how ‘messy’ your room is, or how often you ‘forget’ to wash the dishes and doesn’t bat an eyelash when you return home ‘late’ and ‘wake your parents up’ after a night out.

For some reason my parents seemed somewhat ecstatic for me to return to my studies at Leicester and reside 2hrs 30mins away from home and it’s ‘distractions’. So ecstatic in fact they were swayed in favour of taking me to Yo Sushi for my final decent meal – to which I sneaked a fellow house-mate – AF – and hockey team-mate – RL. Warning note: Saturday night at the restaurants in Highcross (the shopping centre) are ridiculously busy. Anyway my point is the next morning I woke from my restless slumber – takes a few days to adapt to a new environment – sleepily stumbled to the fridge, only to open it to discover it empty. At this point I almost burst into tears. But fear not I eventually recovered enough to go in search of my housemates and convince them to ‘loan’ me some food.


Therefore the lessons you should take from this post:

  1. Be nice to your house-mates – they will feed you when you are unable to
  2. Do not enter Highcross shopping centre on a Saturday night
  3. Accept that your family will no longer appreciate your charming tendencies at home once they realise that it was in fact you, not your brother, who treks mud through the front door and hallway
  4. Investigate the various breakfast outlets at campus
  5. Go in search of the mysterious napping pods located on campus
  6. Leave to get to a 09.00 lecture at 08.00, not 08.30, or your lecturer will make fun of you as you arrive 10mins late
  7. Make flashcards of potential morning bus queuing conversation topics in order to avoid embarrassing yourself
  8. Always make sure your fellow house-mates never have to complete an assignment without your moral support as you sit in the room with them
  9. Check that when you add someone on snapchat you have typed their name correctly
  10. Make sure when you consider adding someone on snapchat that similarly named people do not own pet lizards and furthermore are not creepily obsessed with them

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