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Hello everyone! My name is Eugenie and I’m a Ph.D. student here at the University of Leicester via distance learning. I will be regularly uploading to this blog to share my experiences over the course of my time here at the University.

My time at the University has certainly been rewarding thus far, and I constantly find myself explaining to others how selecting this University was a great decision. However, as a so-called “child prodigy,” my story is commonly twisted and edited, and then shared in the media. In fact, the first news station to get my information correct was BBC, who interviewed me consequent to beginning my Ph.D. at Leicester. And so, through this blog, I will write about my time at the University to provide an unadulterated view of my real experiences at the University and hopefully provide useful advice to fellow students at Leicester.

On another note, today, I am in the midst of analyzing WWII Denial and Deception operations, which will ultimately constitute a bulk of my research. Currently, the snow outside has piled up and blocked all roads, so there is no chance of leaving the house today. With no way out, I am forced to sit inside and continue to conduct my research. I have essentially abandoned my introduction component of my research at a mere five or six pages, since I don’t believe in completing the introduction of the research until I have finalized the research. Albeit a lack of a thorough introduction does, admittedly, make the draft seem quite bland, I am determined to write until I cannot write anymore over the next few weeks to bulk up the research. Let’s see how this turns out, shall we?

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Eugenie de Silva

About Eugenie de Silva

Hello everybody! I’m Eugenie, a seventeen-year-old, currently completing my PhD in the department of Politics and International Relations via distance learning. My PhD research focuses on Denial and Deception in the intelligence field. I'm originally from Manchester, England, but I now live in the United States where I work as a lecturer in public safety and write books and articles in the intelligence field. I hope to share my unique experiences as a teenager completing a PhD here at the University of Leicester.

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