Spontaneous Weekend Trip!

So guess where I went this weekend… No wait, don’t bother you won’t get it. I WENT TO LONDON/HOME! I live just south of London in Surrey – technically I live in London because the town/village I’m from is inside the M25, but whatever – and on Thursday night I received THE phone call that changed my weekend.


Louisa, one of my best friends from home, rang me up and conversation went somewhat like this: (Me- italics, Lou- bold)


Hey Sami.

What’s up buttercup.


I know, I’m amazing, I would miss me too.



*Okay well the conversation didn’t go like that and she didn’t actually say anything along those lines * It went more like:


Hey Sami.

What’s up buttercup.

So for my birthday Anna – her sister – got me tickets to this festival but she’s been ill this week so she got behind on work and she needs to catch up, so she cant come anymore.

Oh I’m sorry, what you going to do? *whilst scrolling through the Leicester Tab page not really paying attention*

Well she asked me if anyone who stayed behind on a gap year was here to come with me instead, but they’re not. So I thought out of everyone you might be interested in coming?

*snaps to attention, but plays it cool* Oooo what type of festival? Because as you very well know I’m not exactly the outdoorsy type…

A country music festival! And don’t worry it’s not an actual festival it’s at the O2.

I’m in. *done playing it cool*

It’s on Sunday at…

Im in. *completely done*

YAY! Haha

*several minutes of girly screams* When are you getting back home then?

I’m driving home late Saturday afternoon…

*And the conversation went on to logistics* – Very boring


But the gist of the conversation is that Thursday night I booked my tickets to return home, leaving Leicester at 14.00 arriving in Surrey at 16.50. It takes only 75mins to get to London St Pancras and then you hop on the tube for 10 mins and before you know it, BOOM, you’re on Oxford Street! Which is quite cool actually to know I can still go for day trips shopping in London. Actually I probabally could have gone to the concert from Leicester but I wanted to go home and see my puppy! … and the family… I suppose.


The festival we had tickets for was Country-2-Counrtry (http://www.c2c-countrytocountry.com/line-up). Out of all my friends from home Lou is the only one who is really into country music – odd girl that one – but I spent so much time at her house I was probably the second familiar, just because she is always singing or playing it. So off I casually toddled to London. Second thoughts, I say casually but my train was delayed so I had to sprint around the underground system to make my connecting train, suitcase in tow, hitting several tourists with it as I went. But in my defence, the station sign is not for photo opportunities. It is for letting you know your geographical location and I felt they were causing a health and safety hazard blocking the hall ways, so you could almost say I was doing a service, as I hit them with my suitcase whilst running past them, to discourage them from doing it again.


We arrived at the O2 and were discussing the symptoms of Wagama’s withdrawal – a student budget does not fund a Wagamama’s – and what do you know? We spy a Wagamamas just outside the O2, so obviously we had an early lunch! Although inside the O2 there is like a mini parade of restaurants inside the O2 (http://www.theo2.co.uk/do-more-at-the-o2/restaurants-and-bars) – so we could have eaten there and gotten the full O2 experience, but again whatever –  and in amongst all of the restaurants the C2C people set up 5 mini stages where they had loads of up-and-coming country music singers (http://www.c2c-countrytocountry.com/line-up/pop-up-stages) so we hung out all day listening to them and perusing the market stalls in the ‘market area’ – lots of bargain buys. In fact everyone was wearing cowboy boots, cowboy hat and a checked shirt (I was so jealous and nearly bought a hat!) – actually earlier in the day I sent Lou a text telling her I had the boots, hat and shirt (going full out) I simply got a ‘NO.’ reply so alas I only had a checked shirt on. At 3.30 the headline acts all started in the main stage. First was Kip Moore, followed by Brantley Gilbert, then Jason Aldean and finally Lady Antebellum. It was such a good day and I was expecting loads of songs with banjos and stuff in but it was actually quite like rocky-country music, if that makes sense? We were all cheering so much Lady Antebellum came on for an encore and IT WAS AMAZING!



Anyway here’s the official video summary of the day: Enjoy!

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