Holi Colour Festival

On Wednesday 10th May the Hindu society hosted a colour fight in Victoria Park to celebrate the Holi Festival. Having seen pictures from colour fun runs I have been increasingly curious about the colour events. As a result when my friend, KF, rang up and mentioned she had a spare t-shirt (at Leicester the majority of tickets for events are in the form of t-shirts, so expect to accumulate many, many pj/work-out t-shirts), I naturally jumped at the chance. Ever so excited I went and got some cheap white shorts as the dress code was white, only to wake up Wednesday morning and it was cloudy and looked like it would likely rain. My dreams of colour fights were momentarily shattered. Then I checked the event.. ‘RAIN OR SHINE EVENT!’ Confused I tired to figure out the logistics of this.. Wouldn’t water make the paint run and turn into an awful colour?

Me and KF decided to go anyway, I mean what was the harm? So we turn up in our white t-shirts and a pair of jeans (we decided shorts was not correct attire and denim was far more appropriate considering the weather). We arrange to meet on the bus at 11.45 for a 12.00 start, only to observe the event as we drove pass and see there were only 5 people there.. We made the executive decision to go and sit in the student union for 15 minutes and meander over at 12.30ish and see if more people had arrived (and if the hadn’t go get the bags of colour and then go back to the student village and have our own colour fight in the garden). However rest assured more people had arrived.

On our arrival our t-shirts got us 1 bag of free colour and each bag after that was £1. There was music playing and although it wasn’t mega-busy it was really fun and I’d go again next year. After being splashed with blue, pink, orange, yellow and green and getting it all over my face, t-shirt and hair; partaking in many surprise attacks upon strangers and turning KF into a smurf with an entire bag of blue powder, we decided to go home, getting many curious looks at the bus stop and on the bus. Also as we walked through the student village as the event hadn’t been very well advertised… Overall the event cost about £8 including the £5 t-shirt so it was actually a lot of fun for fairly little money so good value for money. Once I was home my housemate, ED, pointed out that we did have the Team Leicester sports awards evening that night and she hoped it ‘didn’t stain’ mainly due to the fact my face was a bright orange, striped with the occasional patch of blue… I’m sure it would have looked very fetching with my back dress. Now I just have to figure out how to wash my t-shirt without it staining everything else in the washing machine with it..


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