The Arrival of 2nd Year…

So 2nd year has begun, the year you’re meant to know everything you need to about the university, know the people on your course and know what direction you might want your career to head in. The year your modules get more intense, reading lists lengthen and you’re meant to have figured out a strategy to read the articles and take notes efficiently. It’s the year you’re meant to set an example for the freshers, get more involved with your societies and, more importantly, know your alcohol limits. Supposedly you’ve mastered the art of organisation so you can balance this reinvigorated social life with your increased work load. Alas, fear not fellow/prospective politics students, 2 months in, I have yet to find the solution to 2nd year.

I wasn’t too sure what to write my first blog post for 2nd year about, I kept thinking ‘It’ll set the bar for the whole year, both on the blog and academically for me. In the end I procrastinated so much that this post (due up in October) is rather delayed. I’ve found the moral of the story is, for this year at least, be realistic about what you can achieve on a daily basis, outline the key important things you have to tackle everyday (IE blog posts, seminars, lectures, training) and make sure you do them before you start adding in all your other, rather time consuming and pointless tasks (IE trying to find a shelf in the freezer resulting in needed to move half the stuff around in the kitchen). Finally whenever you’re not running around like a headless chicken, enjoy your chill out time and make the most of every opportunity to get to know, spend time with and annoy your housemates. To be honest I think my friends regret living with me this year occasionally… I come with hamster in tow, exclaim ‘NO KISSING IN THE KITCHEN!’ to couples every time they enter the living area, extreme coffee addiction resulting in me being a complete grump in the morning, a complete lack of awareness of personal space and will go chat with people in their rooms when they are trying to study and a general habit of being slightly disorganised and messy. I think they enjoy living with me though; well they haven’t changed the locks yet, although its been threatened if I change the wifi name for a 3rd time.

How is this related to being a politics undergraduate student? It’s not related specifically to my course as much as it is being a 2nd year in general and much like attacking seminar reading you have to start somewhere and this has got the brain motor neuron activity flowing. My new module this term is Sex & Gender in International Politics – for my next blog (which I’ll post tomorrow) I’m going to discuss my experiences of and thoughts on the material we have covered so far in this module.

The aforementioned 'hamster in tow'; his name is Oreo because that is what he looks like.

The aforementioned ‘hamster in tow’; his name is Oreo because that is what he looks like.

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Hey! I am a second year Management with Politics student and I’m here to educate you guys all about life at Leicester Uni, in particular studying Politics! Outside my course I am part of the Ladies Hockey 2nd Team and am on the Senior Women Rowing Squad.

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One response to “The Arrival of 2nd Year…”

  1. Jess

    I really enjoyed this blog Sami! Don’t worry about not having a ‘solution’ yet for second year- trust me! I’m a fourth year now and I’ve still not mastered any secrets. Good luck with it all, looking forward to keeping up with yours and Oreo’s journey through your second year. 🙂

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