What am I doing?

So I’m sat in bed, completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work I’m meant to have done over the past 8 weeks, which I’ve skived off the majority of it if I’m being perfectly honest. I have a 2,000 word essay due in tomorrow, of which is not nearly ready for submission. Have to write out the rough copy of the group presentation speech by Monday (as I feel I haven’t contributed much to the presentation so far). Start my next 2,000 word essay, due in 2 weeks, for which I haven’t even planned/prepared for. Determine whether I have grossly over-estimated my time-keeping ability to be able to commit to all my extra-curricular activities: not one, not two but 3 different clubs. Furthermore apparently my progress on my career ladder is not at the point where it should me in 2nd year if I want to apply for any internships this summer, so I need to get some course related workshops/ experience/ volunteering so that my CV can compete against other applicants. And finally I’m supposed to have found an x-mas jobs for the holidays when I’m back home because I have spent all my money on society events this term.

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So what am I doing at the moment? Am I re-reading the article and researching other sources for my assignment due in at 3pm tomorrow? Am I working on my CV for an X-mas job so my mum can hand it in at our local pub for me this weekend? Am I trying to figure out whether committing to 3 clubs is exhausting me to the point I felt like crying I was so tired yesterday evening? The answer is no. I have made myself a den under my duvet with my laptop and I am burying my head under my pillow pretending that reality doesn’t exist.

So I’ve thought maybe checking ‘write blog post’ off my to do list might help alleviate some of the immense sea of work before me. The end of first term means Christmas is near, clubs do secret Santa’s, you go to parties wearing sparkly outfits and you see your friends from home again. However before you can get to this phase you first have to make it through deadline month… Nearly every Department has various deadlines within the last month or so of university – often counting for up to 50% of your grade for that module. I miss the days when all I had to worry about at the end of Xmas term was the mock GCSE’s that really ad no long term consequences if you screwed them up – school kids don’t realise how good they’ve got it – why did we have to grow up.

I’m writing this post because out of the 20,000 something students enrolled at Uni of Leicester, I can be fairly certain I’m not the only one completely overloaded with work and just wishing I could be re-incarnated as an ostrich so I can keep my head buried in the sand. I’m always pretty up-front and honest about the fact I’m horribly unorganized and chaotic but I think the headless chicken act I put on sometimes (okay a lot) is rather charming to most people. University is the time for going out and drinking until 3am, the time for turning up to your 9am lecture the next day slightly tipsy and finally it’s the time to plan loads of exciting things to do because it will be one of the best periods in your life. So while the work is stressful at times, I sometimes consider that I may being doing the wrong course because I hate a core piece of reading and sometimes the lecturers go off on a tangent where I have no idea what is going on, I’m pretty sure I’m where I’m meant to be:

  • At University of Leicester studying BA Management with Politics,
  • Living in a crazy house with 7 other girls,
  • Having a pet hamster who looks like an Oreo cookie,
  • Part of ULLHC and ULBC Senior Women societies and Leicester Ladies HC,
  • Wondering if I’ll get organised and find myself an X-mas job
  • Hoping to do a year abroad in the USA next year,
  • Trying to find some internships for the summer in the advertising/ marketing /PR /Events management areas
  • Eating cereal for every meal the other day because I ran out of food and didn’t want to go shopping for more – (the only thing that made me get food was the fact I ran out of milk)
  • Looking forward to my boyfriend Tom visiting this weekend from Durham Uni
  • Planning to clean my dishes in the kitchen at some point (sorry housemates)
  • Wondering if my Mum will come and see me again this week (and bring our dog, Bo, so I can play with her as a stress relief)
  • Despite still being barely able to handle my alcohol still attending 4 big events in the next week and a half,


    Latest Oreo update: he’s trying to chew through the bars on the cage to escape, chilli powder has now been put on the bars to stop this great escape attempt.

Basically I’m saying things happen for a reason and there’s no point stressing the small stuff because it’ll work out as it’s meant to. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard as a university student, because the extensive reading lists are soul-crushing sometimes, but nothings permanent – especially at this phase in our lives – which means I can submit my assignment, head to Shabang and have the weekend off before I start on my next task on my to-do list. My motivating post and listing out everything I need to do has actually calmed me down – so I’m more like a very flustered chicken rather then a headless one. I can extract myself from my den now and go finish reading my article for my assignment due tomorrow, keeping my eye on the end prize – getting to wear sparkly dresses at X-mas parties and feeling like I’ve accomplished something this term by striving to submit work reflective of my best ability.

Basically the motto of this post is: heads up, submit the work, complete it to the best of your ability and then go party hard – because that’s what university is for.


Sparkly shoes to go with the sparkly dresses

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