Society’s Xmas Functions

Best part about being in a society? – THE CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS!


Last term; hectic, so so hectic – hence this very late post.

It all started mid November, the time when assignments are due and the idea of Christmas is blossoming in your mind, teasing you, trying to distract you from work. Assignments are the worst, the absolute worst. No matter how many you do (or maybe this is just in my case) you will always be working right up until the last minute on your essay to make it the best it can possibly be. Doing a ‘wordy’ subject the main advantage is it’s very difficult to go vastly astray grade wise, however on the flip side you never are completely confident that your essay is as good as it can be, that its actually done, that you’ve made the correct points in the correct order throughout your argument.

The ULBC seniors coach a novice weekend away at the club house at Nottingham Union Rowing Club, which last year was an absolute blast so this year naturally I was keen to help out. Everyone heads up on the Saturday, sleeps in the club house overnight and has another training packed day on the Sunday, which means you get zero work done the whole weekend henceforth you need to have essays completed before you depart. Hence franticly attempting to finish essay uno before this.

Next weekend is one of the best friends birthdays, so naturally big night out to Shabang on Friday and you can pretty much write Saturday off for any productive work. Followed by the ULHC Hockey Fundraiser event Wednesday evening, which also writes off Thursday for any productive work. The ULHC fundraiser is the equivalent to a christmas ball for the hockey society, everyone gets all dressed up and the freshers are ‘auctioned off’ to seniors to raise funds. Essay two is due for the end of this weekend, which again isn’t going to be particularly productive as the ULBC Xmas Ball is on the Saturday night, following another best friends birthday the following night at Shabang.

This week the presentation for one of the modules is on the Friday, so naturally the study group is scrambling around to get together enough times in the build up to rehearse and fine-tune the presentation for the best grade possible. Juggling this, with a trip to visit my Boyfriend for his hockey Xmas ball, the ULLHC Xmas dinner and big Xmas social the following day at Letsdisko, and a house Xmas meal and night out, has me mildly hysterical by the last day of term. However I can’t say I would change much that I did over the Xmas period and one of the best bits about societies, apart from an outlet for stress, is that they keep you busy and they keep you social by surrounding you with likeminded people, which all in all is a pretty great way to spend Xmas.


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