Driving back to Uni

‘Driving back to uni’ – sing that in your head to the christmas song ‘Driving home for Christmas by Chris Rea’, NONSTOP FOR NEARLY 3 HOURS. I hate myself on car journeys. You now have my journey back to university from home summed up nicely.

I’m pretty sure the universe was sending me a sign that I just shouldn’t take these exams when the following events unfolded. Unfortunately being the committed student I am, I persevered and am now sat at the kitchen table attempting to revise with 3 of my house mates (1 is just watching netflix – so I’m a step closer to the right direction than her, which is reassuring).

My exams: Friday 15th, Saturday 16th and Tuesday 19th all at 14.30, in addition to a group assignment due in on the 15th. For starters, A SATURDAY!? Ridiculous. So a calm Tuesday evening I begin my return, only to reach the service station on the M25 where I usually stop, to discover the shops are open but not the petrol station… My petrol dial is in the red section. The next services is several junctions away which I am unable to get to with this level of petrol. So back I go returning to the petrol station near home.


‘Right, take ii’ I’m thinking. All goes well and I arrive in Leicester, park outside the house so I can unload my stuff from the car. All’s going swimmingly until I walk up the 2 flights of stairs to my room to discover its coated in a layer of dust due to re-plastering work being done in the house. I then proceed to hoover every surface of my room (bearing in minute this is 23.00 and I’m tired and half the house are currently asleep) including my duvet because I have no idea where I put the spare sheets. My mother would be so proud of my initiative. All my stuff is placed into my, now mostly dust-free, room and I collapse into bed.


You know when you have one of those horrible nights sleep? That’s what I experienced that night. Know why? The sheets were itchy because they were covered in dust still and also dust smells funny… Therefore next morning the alarm clock is ignored and I arise after 12.00. Having a very pleasant chat in my housemates room when suddenly a light bulb goes off… ‘I left the car parked on the street last night, I forgot to move it, It’s parked on a yellow line!’ £70 ticket for Sami? Marvellous. Defeated I retreat to the kitchen for a caffeine fix (for those who don’t know me I have a coffee addiction), only  to open my coffee tin to discover it all clumped together like black sludge and very obviously not edible. Wailing ensued, only for a housemate to come investigate the noise and to discover a sad Sami, with ticket in hand and no coffee to be seen. Said housemate then donated coffee and retreated to resume her revision.

At the gym that afternoon, in need of a stress outlet, I went for a workout – everything going great, until I get to the cool down. I’m foam rolling my leg out and I strain my left wrist. I WASN”T EVEN EXERCISING AND I INJURED MYSELF. Undeterred, that evening upon parking after returning from ASDA, I reversed into the car behind. ‘So you’re telling me you had a crash?’  my unhelpful boyfriend asked my over Skype later that night, for the record my response was ‘No technically it wasn’t a crash because the other car was stationary, it was more like a *bump* oops’. Thankfully I wasn’t moving very far/fast and neither car had any marks, since having paid the ticket and done the weekly shop, I am now running rather low on cash.

The purpose of this blog? I’ve had a nightmare the last 2 days. The whole thing has been rather humorous and entertaining for those around me and pretty much sums up the whole ‘being an independent student’ lifestyle.. And I can only hope 2016 continues as a slightly less traumatic pace, because I have no idea how I’ll juggle 4 modules this term in addition to utter chaos.


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