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I’m a proper responsible uni student, I applied for an internship!


I found the advertisement on, for a marketing intern this summer in London and went about creating my CV. My first CV! So I was a bit lost on how to go about doing my CV and I thought ‘hey I could do one of the blog posts about this’.


Step 1:

Research the position and company. Highlight what skills are outlined on the job description, and google the company to find out general background information on them both on their company website and on Linked In UK.




Step 2:

Wonder how to write a proper adult CV.


Step 3:

Look on the careers section on the Leicester Uni Website:


They always refer you to this flow diagram but I find it very confusing as a second year with fairly limited experience and progress on this ‘Career Development Journey’. In order to get this experience in order to actually begin to progress on the CDJ, I found the most useful pages the CV and Covering Letter sections on the career website. They have basic outline instructions, a pay special attention to detail section and example’s for you to refer back to while composing your own CV.


The Build Your Skills Section on the careers section gives you information in getting HEAR accreditations, volunteering experience and extra-cirricular activities to enhance your CV. This section seems most suited to enhancing your skills throughout the academic term alongside your studies.




To find out more about the Careers service at the university visit their About Us Section or My Careers Website.


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Hey! I am a second year Management with Politics student and I’m here to educate you guys all about life at Leicester Uni, in particular studying Politics! Outside my course I am part of the Ladies Hockey 2nd Team and am on the Senior Women Rowing Squad.

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One response to “Internship application”

  1. Zohah

    Hi Sami, i must say your step-by-step guide is very useful, not only for internship application, but for any kind of job application in general. I’m currently working in pharmaceutical industry, and searching for a new job in a new company. Hope i can get a job offer in a near future :).

    Thank you very much 🙂

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