Internship application

Internship application

I’m a proper responsible uni student, I applied for an internship! SO EXCITING! I found the advertisement on indeed.co.uk, for a marketing intern this summer in London and went about creating my CV. My first CV! So I was a bit lost on how to go about doing my CV and I thought ‘hey I could […]

The aforementioned 'hamster in tow'; his name is Oreo because that is what he looks like.

The Arrival of 2nd Year…

So 2nd year has begun, the year you’re meant to know everything you need to about the university, know the people on your course and know what direction you might want your career to head in. The year your modules get more intense, reading lists lengthen and you’re meant to have figured out a strategy […]

On job hunting and non-work work

Have you been job-hunting lately? I have. And I envy everyone who’s fortunate enough to be in a (relatively) stable position. Job hunting for me has become a full-time job, just without neither pay nor pay-off. Readers of this blog might recall that I actually have a job. I teach German and English on, mostly […]

‘Whenever you want’…yeah, right

I concur with almost everything my distance learning (DL) colleagues write about this mode of study. In this post, I want to add to that literature and start by elaborating on the classic slogan in distance-learning marketing: ‘study when you want, where you want’. Nearly every university with a distance-learning program employs this line, in […]

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