A Guide to Political Institutions in The Hague

A Guide to Political Institutions in The Hague

The Hague can be seen as one of the most underrated cities to visit in Europe, particularly for Politics and International Relations students (as you may probably know by now, this is where I am living and studying- so I may be somewhat biased). When visiting the Netherlands, the majority of people tend to prioritise […]

It’s Not All Work & No Play – Trip to Sri Lanka

It’s Not All Work & No Play – Trip to Sri Lanka

As I sit on the balcony of what used to be a Governor’s mansion in Sri Lanka, but is now a tourist-friendly hotel, gazing down at the deserted beach while the cool breeze rescues me from the blazing sun, I think not about the beauty, but rather I think to myself, “Is that sentence really […]

My First Post

Hello everyone! My name is Eugenie and I’m a Ph.D. student here at the University of Leicester via distance learning. I will be regularly uploading to this blog to share my experiences over the course of my time here at the University. My time at the University has certainly been rewarding thus far, and I […]

Research proposal – almost there

Only little more than one week left until I have to hand in my dissertation proposal. It’s quite a significant step, and when this second of the four dissertation modules started I still was unsure whether I’d be able to propose an actual structure, let alone content. Of course, the topic of the project has […]

My Project at Dissertation Module Stage 2

About a week ago Stage 2 of my dissertation writing commenced. This second of four mandatory modules specifically designed to guide students with regard to dissertation writing is called ‘The Dissertation Strikes Back” – a bit nerdy, but, well, I like Star Wars. This module is primarily concerned with methodology and ethics. Most importantly, when […]

Feedback is important!

  Ok, it’s getting serious. My current module ‘Theories of International Relations’ draws to a close, although it still feels like it started only last week. It’s amazing and chilling at the same time how mercilessly quick time flies by! Anyway, there are now four weeks left, all of which are assigned to the end […]

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