Due to Oreo developing a taste for curry powder (put on his cage to stop him trying to chew through the bars), marmite now coats several of the bars. Oreo very much falls into the latter category of 'you love it or hate it'.

Ill at Uni?

It’s that time of year; it’s getting chilly, colds are going round and you’re not 100% sure whereabouts you put your (only) super warm coat. Taken ill at uni? Utter panic ensuing as you realise you need your parents there to look after you? Don’t worry here’s a (fairly) independent step by step guide to […]

What am I doing?

What am I doing?

So I’m sat in bed, completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work I’m meant to have done over the past 8 weeks, which I’ve skived off the majority of it if I’m being perfectly honest. I have a 2,000 word essay due in tomorrow, of which is not nearly ready for submission. Have to […]

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