My Project at Dissertation Module Stage 2

About a week ago Stage 2 of my dissertation writing commenced. This second of four mandatory modules specifically designed to guide students with regard to dissertation writing is called ‘The Dissertation Strikes Back” – a bit nerdy, but, well, I like Star Wars. This module is primarily concerned with methodology and ethics. Most importantly, when […]

Woo…the first breeze after submission

Done! Do you know that feeling? I’m sure almost everyone reading this knows what it feels like to submit an end of module essay. That somewhat ambiguous mixture of relief and anxiety. Suddenly you’re free again and it is especially the next day when you realize how much time this project actually sucked up. Every […]

Feedback is important!

  Ok, it’s getting serious. My current module ‘Theories of International Relations’ draws to a close, although it still feels like it started only last week. It’s amazing and chilling at the same time how mercilessly quick time flies by! Anyway, there are now four weeks left, all of which are assigned to the end […]

Back to normal – finally!

Ok. This week things went back to normal, as I finally finished moving into my new place. Surprisingly, my studies didn’t actually suffer that much. Part of the reason are, of course, my very flexible working hours, with quite some time off during the day. Another reason is the course structure of postgrad studies. I […]

‘Whenever you want’…yeah, right

I concur with almost everything my distance learning (DL) colleagues write about this mode of study. In this post, I want to add to that literature and start by elaborating on the classic slogan in distance-learning marketing: ‘study when you want, where you want’. Nearly every university with a distance-learning program employs this line, in […]

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