Planning ahead

Had an interview on monday for a job working at Wimbledon Tennis and also at the Olympics. I worked at  Wimby last year as a housekeeper, not always the most exciting job but definately worth doing as a student and the pay is good.

One mistake I made last year, despite managing to get a job, was saying yes to different holidays without working out how I was going to pay for them. I’ve realised that because I want to do lots of things in the summer i.e. holidays/festivals/ outings then I’ll have to work more and certainly not rely on my overdraft to get me through.

As a student, it may be hard to get a job or know where to apply. The best thing I’ve found is events (such as wimbledon tennis) and staffing- I worked at Bestival last year as well which was a great opportunity (plus I got to see some amazing bands:]).

Oh and I only realised how important it is to update your CV when I was applying for jobs the other day and found out I hadn’t updated mine for over 2 years. I have had lots of jobs here and there since then and although I thankfully could remember what they were and when they happened, it would have saved me a lot of hassle if I had updated it as I’d gone along.

Anyway, there’s just a few thoughts, better get back to revision!

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3 responses to “Planning ahead”

  1. Steven

    Hi Joanna

    I’m applying for Psychology at Leicester. Whats it like to be a student?

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