Exams are finished!

Yaaaaay. Very unsure how I did, they were all difficult but we will see in March!

My other housemates finished today and so I decided to bake a cake to celebrate. Because I’m not exactly a domestic goddess,  the cake mix was already done for me and I just had to add a couple of other ingredients, but to make it seem like I put at least some effort in, I covered it with melted chocolate and strawberries, went down a treat 🙂 Everyone is going out tonight but I’m going with a big group to a club in Birmingham tomorrow for a friends birthday so want to save my energy (and money) for then.

Had a nice surprise call today from this guy who works at the King Power Stadium offering me a casual job doing cleaning and maintenance for the building, very flexible shifts and fair pay. I had completely forgot that in my Wimbledon interview I discovered their company also does functions up here and so I asked my interviewer about it and she said she’d pass my details on. Nice to not have to have another interview too!

Some people start uni with expectations of doing all these quirky jobs, related to your degree alongside lectures and uni work but without a degree and with shifts needing to fit around your studies, it can be hard to find places. Although some people look down on things like cleaning, as a student you learn to take hold of opportunites, even if they aren’t the most exciting ones ever and considering I have come to have a slight ebay addiction I need something to help support that:)

Planning to organise some stuff tonight for the start of uni next week and spend a large portion of the evening watching episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and my new favourite show, How I Met Your Mother.

Good luck with all those still doing exams!




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