I have been sleeping so so much since that last report was handed in. Yesterday I slept from 11am-1pm, 9:45pm-12am and then from 3am-12pm.  Feeling quite refreshed now unsurprisingly:)

Today, I have to come up with my own independent experiment. Usually with reports, we are given data from an experiment that has already been conducted (for instance, our last one was about whether self-affirmation influences risk aversion) and we do the analysis but this time, I have to choose what I want topic to research and run an experiment..bit daunting really..

I have a few ideas but we have to have plenty of previous research to show why we are looking at a certain topic in particular which is where it can become tricky. I have to have one or two independent variables (which are being manipulated) and two dependent variables (to see if they are affected by the IVs)

The kind of things I’ve been thinking about are self-esteem and parenting styles, self-esteem and memory, leading questions…but need to do the research and see what new areas I can look into to develop previous ideas.

Any suggestions would be awesome:] Remember that any questions you have about the uni or about student life, I am here to answer:]






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